Saturday, 7 March 2015


Arthur L. Ekrem (ie: me) is a legitimate non-partisan insider who knows DC, where I have played at the National level for quite some time. Arthur L. Ekrem is the most highly sought after private session consultant in the world of Politics having advised U.S. leaders, World Leaders, Heads of Industry, Celebritie's, Athletes and Business Leaders.

I feel the two party system is seriously flawed and dying fast. The only hope our great nation has for revival is through a new party order that will not play under the current DC system of so-called democracy. A fresh candidate will be a leader of industry who will scare the crap of the DC insiders, and stimulate hope and fresh thinking in the minds and spirits of a new generation of i-Phone voters. Lawyers turned policy makers run the House and Senate - this platform has had its day in the sun and the next generation will demand better.

Our founder and editor (ie: me) has early ties in DC from the Reagan White House to the Clinton administration and beyond. It should be noted that I adore and often quote George Carlin, Thomas Jefferson and even Howard Stern as they are fresh thinkers. I love our great country and I love our evolving political landscape and consider it an honor to live during this time in history.

Here at DCBULL I will feature a full array of DC characters and inside arguments in an honest light, and not as portrayed in the mainstream media. So watch yourself DC, because I am watching you.


Function: adjective
of, relating to, or involving members of two parties ;specifically :marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties -Government leaders hope to achieve a bipartisan domestic or foreign policy.


An honest source for what REALLY goes on in Washington DC and the political strategies used by inside advisors and PR experts. Nothing happens in DC by accident - as Shakespeare wrote, "all the world is a stage, its men and women merely players" - no where is this more true than in Washington DC.

Every news outlet claims to be the divine spearhead for honesty in politics and fair reporting. Can you really believe yet another source for DC news? Well buckle up all of you who claim unbiased reporting from inside the DC beltway. Here I am - and the BULL starts here.


My name is Arthur L. Ekrem and my occupation is Chief Problem Solver.

I am currently the publisher of DCBULL and am also a guest speaker and lecturer, with a host of other political and business endeavors.

For many years now, I have been a privileged behind the scenes Washington DC insider. I am paid to lurk in the crevices of our Nations Capital in order to make sense of it all. My activities in politics and private concerns have included board seats, equity, stock ownership, campaign management, political strategy, policy adviser, and chief trouble solver. With a quarter of a century worth of exploits in DC under my belt, and at the urging, prodding and insistence of those in high and not so high offices, I have started DCBULL - Good Lord.

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