Tuesday, 12 May 2015

24 Hour Alcohol Must Be Abolished – DrinksXpress is outraged

Labour's decision to relax the rules on 24 Hour Alcohol should be reviewed – conveniently resurfaces as it did during the 2010 election.
Labour’s decision to relax the rules on changes to legislation passed almost a decade ago should be reviewed, according to a senior figure in Tony Blair’s administration.
Alastair Campbell, ex-director of communications for Tony Blair, said that licensing rules should be amended in order to “take in the impact on public health”.
Late night / all night alcohol licenses were granted in 2005 - following legislation passed in 2003, allowing bars, clubs, pubs and supermarkets in England and Wales to apply for longer opening licenses. The law has even allowed some venues in England and Wales to apply for 24-hour alcohol sales.
At the 2010 election, the Tories pledged to end the chaos and gave councils powers to limit opening hours in problem areas, and make bars and clubs pay for extra policing. But the moves have proved to be unsuccessful in implementing.
Alastair Campbell has now stated that Labour was wrong to have supported the policy because of the alleged affects it has had on health and anti-social behaviour. Home Office figures show there are a record number of trouble hotspots with 208 neighbourhoods officially classified as ‘saturated’ with problems or bars.
Labour's health spokesman Andy Burnham, who was culture secretary in the Gordon Brown’s Government in 2008, has admitted that it had been a “mistake” in a BBC debate. Mr Burnham made the comments in a debate about health on the BBC’s Daily Politics program, alongside Jeremy Hunt and Norman Lamb, who both agreed with him.
There is also argument about those who are alcohol dependent. Jackie Wren, family support co-ordinator of drug and alcohol support charity CADAS Workington, said: “If a person is alcohol dependent, a service such as this could isolate them even further. It gives out the wrong message that it is okay to drink 24 hours a day. Under the influence of alcohol, people become more incompetent, which is putting a strain on the ambulance and NHS services.”
In defense of 24 Hour Alcohol – Ashleigh Fletcher, owner of DrinksXpress London, he commented “It's funny, here we all are once again; it must be Election time” he continued “Didn't we have this same topic surface its ugly head during the last campaign of 2010? What I would be asking Labour is, statistically has resurfacing this debate helped you more so than four years back? It is easy to throw utterly useless fact such as Alastair Campbell's comment that there are twice as many drinking venues than in the 1950/60's. What they have failed to mention is that there are some benefits such as our industry – alcohol delivery. We keep people off the streets and in their homes, reduce stress levels on emergency services by reducing RTAs due to drink driving to name a few.” He went on to say “My prediction on this proposed policy change is that absolutely nothing will happen for another four years ”

DrinksXpress operate a late night alcohol delivery service that covers London, Surrey, Kent & Middlesex. Since the introduction of 24 hour licensing laws DrinksXpress have successfully operated a niche within the delivery services sector. DrinksXpress offer 24 hour alcohol across a 13 mile radius from their offices within Central London.

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