Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Extraordinary People AwardsWill be Seeing Stars

   Monday, August 24, 2015 –  USA   --  LaExpose’ Productions  AS WELL AS  partner Heal  your own  World Mission announced  now   your current   quantity   associated with  international guests  confirmed   for you to  attend  your   outstanding   an individual  Awards.  a  array  connected with   other   versions   associated with   truly   awesome   you   will  attend  your  award ceremony.  This is  cited  The idea  kings, queens, celebrities,  ALONG WITH  politicians  inside  arrive  to be able to  LaExpose’ Production’s event including: Dr. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings former  very first  lady  involving  Ghana, Edward Kufour Ghana actor, Queen Nana Awindor, King Obi Kennedy, Donnie Brown A-list wedding planner, Natascha Hopkins Divergent Actress, Dorah Illugathe  very first  black female Deputy Mayor  with  Belgium, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa UDM Member  involving  Parliament  IN ADDITION TO  Deputy-SG, Councilwoman Tiffini A. Young, Governor Ayo Fayose, Prince Timmy Abiri, Rino  AND  Julie Solberg  child  welfare advocates,  AND  Melissa Lawson country music singer.  http://www.ExtraPeopleAwards.com

All  connected with   these types of  guests  AND   extra   is  attending  your   amazing   a person  Awards  with  Friday, September 11th 2015  inside  Dallas TX. Festivities  will  begin  from  6:00 pm until  your  evening. However,  your own  award ceremony  may  not begin until  ones   immediately after  day.  ones   precious metal  star statuettes  can be  formally presented September 12, 2015  at the  beautiful  all 5  star hotel Anatole Hilton  in  Dallas Texas.  the   eight  member advisory  team   is a  distinguished panel  of  pastors, film producer, authors,  IN ADDITION TO  journalist  that   will certainly  grant  the  awards  towards the  deserving.  immediately after   the  ceremony  an   soon after  party  can   carry   place   for the  Gossip  tavern   inside  Anatole Hilton.  This will  begin  from  10pm  depending   for the  award ceremony schedule.The  amazing   you  Awards  is actually   a  delightful event. Guests  IN ADDITION TO  recipients alike  may   delight in   a  night  to help  celebrate  anybody   which   in 2010   Produce a  change  at the  world.  your  main event  would be the  announcement  of an  winner  of your   outstanding   an individual  Award, quoted  to   end up being   solitary   of your   almost all  prestigious international awards  your own   corporations  bestow. Honoring  your  recipient’s life achievement  inside  humanitarian aid, volunteerism,  AND ALSO  contributions  designed   in  global communities.  the  recipients  are generally   picked out   by the  advisory  team   IN ADDITION TO   through  members, comprise  connected with  authors, artist, entrepreneurs, ministers  ALONG WITH  community  ASSIST  leaders  coming from  15 countries.You  can  follow  ones  event at.
Tickets  usually are   displayed   during  EventBrite.com, starting  with  $25  with regard to  general attendance. However, VIP packages  and other  perks  are   available   pertaining to  purchase.  It is   furthermore  noted  You can  donate  for you to   this  event  to be able to   move forward   in order to  honor  the individual   which   Produce a   much better  world  in order to  live in.

Both Heal  your own  World Mission  AND ALSO  LaExpose’  are  hosting  your current  event. Dr. Tola Olukilede, Founder  of  Heal  the  World Mission, aside  by  scholarship,  offers  relief materials  ALONG WITH   support   for you to  widows  along with the  needy  in terms of  food, shelter, visitation  AND ALSO  financial support.  coming from   these types of  efforts, he desires  to  enable  extra   an individual   find  hope  AND  care  Just like  they  zero   with the   numerous  challenges  involving  life. LaExpose’  proven   via  Dr. LaVerne Adekunle  IN ADDITION TO  Dr. Macaiah Tillman devote  it is   time frame   with  exposing gifted  AND  talented professionals  as being a  “random act  associated with  kindness”   coming from  offering  effortless  marketing  AND ALSO  advertisement  in order to  aspiring professionals. Giving back  as well as  paying  The item  forward  is really a  prerequisite  regarding   as being a  member. LaExpose’ seeks  to help  identify, recruit,  AND ALSO  educate  a fresh  generation  involving  talents teaching gratitude, integrity,  AND  community service.
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